Choosing the Right System


Some things to consider

Is cost or convenience most important?  Are you mechanically inclined?  Do you enjoy getting your hands dirty?  Are you the type of person that really enjoys understanding how things work?    How much oxygen do you really need?  From complete systems to individual components, OxygenFrog has the answer!


What size do I need?

The most common question we get goes something like this: "I'm running such and such torches, what do you have that will run that?".  A better question would be:"We are going through about 'so many' K tanks per day, what do you have to handle that?".

  • a 30 lpm OxygenFrog will deliver the equivalent to one K tank in about 3.9 hours.
  • a 50 lpm OxygenFrog will deliver the equivalent to one K tank in about 2.3 hours.
  • a 50 lpm OxygenFrog will deliver the equivalent to one 240 liter liquid dewer in about 69 hours.

These specs are rates.  The OxygenFrog only stores a small portion of this oxygen to facilitate surges in demand.  It generates the oxygen while you work, fully automatically.  The OxygenFrog does not mind being ignored....


Professional Grade or DIY Style

OxygenFrog offers both types of systems, professional and DIY.

DIY Style  (based on re-purposed medical oxygen concentrators):

  • the heart of a great DIY system is the OxygenFrog HPC220 compressor / controller.
  • The HPC220 can operate from 2 to 6 concentrators, 20 to 60 lpm.
  • The HPC220 has OxygenFrog's exclusive Active Compression Control (ACC) which provides higher oxygen purity and longer service life.
  • A complete system includes the HPC220, oxygen concentrators and a surge tank (we recommend at least 60 gallons).
  • All components are available separately or can be sourced elsewhere.
  • This is the most economical and flexible system.

Professional Grade

  • The BullFrog is an 'all in one' professional grade 50 lpm oxygen system.
  • The Bullfrog is not based on re-purposed medical concentrators.
  • The BullFrog is mounted on a single pallet.  Installation time is about 5 minutes.
  • The BullFrog includes an integral 60 gallon surge tank.
  • The BullFrog will provide about 2.5 K tanks worth of oxygen in an eight hour shift.