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On-Demand Oxygen Systems for Glassblowing

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A very wise man once said, 'no one wants an oxygen tank, they just want the oxygen'.  The OxygenFrog is here to help you break your dependence on tanked oxygen.

Oxygen tanks, both compressed cylinders and liquid dewers, are expensive, limited and let's face it, a pain to deal with.  Whenever you're changing a tank, you're not melting glass.

An OxygenFrog will provide you with a continuous supply of oxygen at sufficient pressure to run any torch.  OxygenFrog systems utilize Pressure Swing Adsorption techniques to extract oxygen from the air.  This technology was invented and patented by Charles Skarstrom, circa 1960 and is employed in countless installations throughout the world.

All of the OxygenFrog products have our exclusive Active Compression Control (ACC).  ACC eliminates purity losses that commonly occur across the oxygen compression stage.  By fine tuning the compressor operating parameters, the ACC also reduces stress on the compressor.  The result is substantially higher oxygen purity and longer compressor life compared to competing commercial systems.

Regardless if you are building a single bench studio or a full size production shop, OxygenFrog has the engineering experience, discreet components and complete systems to meet your needs.


 “Oxygen frog has saved me! Ever since I got my machine, I can work on my  big projects late at night without ever having to worry about my oxygen  running out. Scott’s customer service is impeccable and I know that if I  ever have a problem he’ll be there to help.“

  Lacey 'LaceFace' Walton

OxygenFrog Products



The BullFrog is a industrial grade 'all-in-one'. on-demand oxygen plant. The BullFrog has enough capacity to supply full size production studios.

Go Pro

Legacy 220


The Legacy 220 is the flagship of the OxygenFrog DIY line.  The ultimate combination of power and flexibility.  The use of common, portable oxygen concentrators, makes the Legacy 220 is a very cost effective solution for both small and large studios.

Go DIY in a BIG way

Legacy HPC


The Legacy HPC is the newest addition to the OxygenFrog DIY line.  Plenty of capacity for smaller studios, and all of OxygenFrogs technology.


GlassRoots October 2017


Checkout the debut of the BullFrog at the 2017 GlassRoots.  Also view the special pricing on the BullFrog for GlassRoots attendees.


Ordering and Financing Information


Ready to take the leap?  Consult with the OxygenFrog to place an order, or ask about financing options.

Ordering and Financing

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New to on-demand oxygen systems?  Click here to learn which system would best suit your needs.

I just want the oxygen

Consider Financing a System

We are proud to announce that we have secured a financing partnerships with several providers.  You can apply online and explore their flexible terms with no cost or obligation.  See our Ordering and Financing page for details.

Ordering and financing

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