Legacy HPC Oxygen Concentrator System for Lampworking

Legacy HPC $1,799


Legacy HPC Capability

 The Legacy HPC is capable of running with 10 to 20 lpm of oxygen feed, depending on the number of portable oxygen concentrators connected to it.  It can power up to two concentrators and is all controlled automatically.  20 lpm is an oxygen delivery rate equivalent to 1.5 K tanks every 8 hours.  Oxygen delivery is up to 120 psi. 

Active Compression Control

 Active Compression Control (ACC) is a technology exclusive to OxygenFrog.  The ACC senses process conditions throughout the compression cycle which lead to low oxygen purity, and eventual internal compressor damage and then acts to correct these improper conditions.   Competing systems without ACC commonly suffer from lower purity oxygen and require frequent compressor rebuilds.  The Legacy HPC, with ACC technology, has a proven reputation for superior oxygen purity and compressor reliability. 

Impure Oxygen Rejection

Oxygen concentrators, by their nature, produce impure oxygen for the first minute or two after they come on.  All of OxygenFrog products automatically reject this impure oxygen, until the concentrators 'warm up', rather than compressing these impurities directly into the tank.  The result is the maximum possible oxygen purity at your torch.



  • 120VAC 15 amp
  • 10lpm to 20lpm
  • up to 2 concentrators

Other Required Equipment


The Legacy HPC will require a surge tank and  oxygen concentrators.

The Legacy HPC requires at least 10 lpm of oxygen feed.  This could be any combination of 5, 8 or 10 lpm machines.  The Legacy HPC can operate with one or two concentrators.

A surge tank is required to accommodate extremes in oxygen demand.  Surge tanks are common air compressor tanks and must be free of any flammable residue.  A minimum of 60 gallons is recommended.  Multiple tanks can be used as your oxygen demand grows.



How does an oxygenFrog work?
OxygenFrog products are 'on-demand' systems.  They operate much like an air compressor.  When the surge tank pressure gets low, the system comes on, automatically, and begins to refill the surge tank while you work.
Can it fill K tanks?
No, OxygenFrog products operate to a maximum to 125 psi, far less than the several thousand psi required to fill a K tank.

Why the mention of K tanks?
Describing oxygen capacity in liters per minute is meaningless to most lampworkers.  The number of K tank equivalents in an 8 hour period is more easily understood.
Can I mix concentrators of differing flowrates and pressures?
Yes.  The OxygenFrog will automatically compensate for different oxygen concentrators.