Professional Grade

The BullFrog is a fully integrated, self contained, complete, on-demand oxygen plant, powerful enough to supply mid-sized production shops.

  • The BullFrog will deliver 2.5 K tanks worth of oxygen in an 8 hour shift at 120 psi.
  • Multiple BullFrogs can be run in parallel.
  • Additional tanks can be added to increase surge capacity.
  • Simple set up, plug in the power cord, and throw the switch.
  • Utilizes OxygenFrog's exclusive Active Compression Control (ACC) to provide higher oxygen purity and longer compressor service life than competing systems.
  • Requires 220 VAC, 30 amps.
  • Power costs are roughly equivalent to $1 per K tank.
  • The large compressor can be optionally located remotely, up to 60 feet away, even outdoors, to reduce noise in the shop.  Contact us for a quote on this option.

2019 Pricing

list price: $9,750

The BullFrog will lower your oxygen costs dramatically over the long term.  Even more important is time on the torch that you will regain by not having to mess with oxygen tanks or even worse, running out of oxygen and being told it can't be delivered for a week.  Ouch!

You simply cannot afford to not have an OxygenFrog.

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